Important Things we get from plants and Trees

Important Things we get from plants and Trees

Today we will talk about the importance of plants we always say that the plants are very important for all of us but do you know why they are important or how important they are what all things to plant give us I think you all must be knowing that most of our food

List of things we get from plants

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • grains like
  • rice
  • wheat
  • pulses like
  • gram
  • beans
  • tea
  • coffee
  • sugar
  • spices

It’s All Things Come from the plants apart from these plants are useful to us in many more ways let us look at some of these you all must be familiar with the coconut oil and if you are thinking that this oil is made up of coconut then you are right like coconut oil some other oils 

which we use for cooking are also made from plants for example the ground nut oil mustard oil soya bean oil or live oil etc.

Besides the food we use some plants as medicines like 

Tulsi or basil and oil from the eucalyptus tree are used as cure for cold and cuff jute bags ropes sacks and mats are made by fibers 

Things we get from plants and trees

We get from the jute plant like in the story the jute plant gave Sona the Jude back keep her school books what clothes you like to wear in summers cotton clothes our comfortable cotton clothes are made of fibers which we get from the cotton plant like in the story the grandmother was spinning cotton to get cotton Warm out of 

which clothes are made do you like the fragrance of rose or jasmine flower the fragrance of these flowers is very nice so perfumes are made out of them good smelling soaps also use flowers like rose and jasmine there are some more plants which have beautiful leaves and flowers we use them to beautify our homes gardens and offices these are called as ornamental plants like ornaments or jewelry are you studies possible without trees hmm you might be telling how trees are coming in studies right no the studies is not possible the chairs on which you sit and the table on which you keep your books is made from the wood of the trees not just table and chairs the doors and windows all the furniture is made from the wood wood oftrees like teak oak bamboo etc

Things we get from plants worksheet

Used to make furniture like in the story the oak tree gave Sona a wooden table and a carriage for her horse to fajn to drive do you know that all your books notebooks and all type of papers are made from the plants paper is made from the bamboo plant like in the story the bamboo plant gave so now many notebooks for the school similarly rubber tree gives us rubber

which is used to make a reserve for your pencils even the tires of the cars buses are made of rubber. In the story Sona was happy to receive rubber slippers from the rubber tree the gum or glue.

which is used to stick paper is obtained from the stem of the key curl or a cashier tree but oh sharpener we do not get from the tree plants

Also useful to animals many animals eat plants as food like coat trees are also home to many animals monkeys squirrels live on trees the birds make their nest on the trees the wood from plants is used as a fuel for cooking from the ancient times many people still use wood as a fuel for their cooking now you know how important the plants are so If you want all the benefits from plants then grow more and more plants

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